Tree Removal

Tree Removal Services

Hire Us to Remove Fallen Trees From Your Property

Whether your yard has been littered with branches after a storm or you want to clear an entire lot, call South Shore Tree Inc. for your tree removal needs. We promise quality service at reasonable prices.

Large, fallen trees can present a number of difficulties when it comes to removal. Luckily, we have the skills and equipment to handle large trees that have fallen on your property. Expect us to remove fallen trees without disturbing the rest of your lawn and garden.

Storm Damage Cleanup Services

Call South Shore Tree Inc. the next time a storm scatters tree limbs in your yard. We'll remove the branches and prune the damaged trees to make your whole yard looking healthy again.

Backfilling Services for Your Property

Much like we do with stumps, we are able to grind fallen trees and tree limbs into an organic mulch that we can use to fill in the hole left by an uprooted tree. You could also use these wood chips to line your garden.

Lot Clearing Solutions

At South Shore Tree Inc., we can clear an entire commercial or residential lot of trees and debris that hinder construction. Our lot clearing team will work quickly to clear the lot of trees and stumps. Call us today to schedule an appointment. Same-day appointments are available!
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