Firewood Delivery Services

Firewood Delivery to Keep You Warm This Winter

At South Shore Tree Inc., we want to keep you stocked with high-quality firewood throughout the cold New York winter. We make it easy for you to keep the fire going; simply call us to schedule a delivery.

We're happy to provide excellent, seasoned firewood at low prices. We'll even deliver your firewood order to your home. We want to make your South Shore Tree Inc. experience a great one. Your satisfaction is our primary concern. Call us today and we'll help you stock up on firewood for the winter.

Turn to Us for a Variety of Firewood

We can provide whatever kind of firewood you're looking for. We sell all types of hardwood, cut to lengths of 18 inches or more. Call us and let us know the type and length of the firewood you need.

Seasoned Wood Available

The experts will tell you to buy seasoned firewood because it burns longer and has a lower moisture content than fresh-cut wood. The experts are right. Call us for seasoned firewood.

Firewood Delivery Services

Whether you're stocking up in preparation for a long winter or resupplying in the middle of a chilly spring, call South Shore Tree Inc. for all your firewood needs. We'll promptly deliver your firewood to your door anytime of the year.
FREE estimates!
Call us today for seasoned wood delivery services.
We are a fully-licensed and insured company. You can trust us to provide quality firewood.
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